2010 List of Top B2B Blogs

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The big list of top B2B marketing and sales blogsTop B2B Marketing and Sales Blogs

Updated: November 2010
Number of Blogs: 354

Thanks to all the B2B marketing and sales experts who continually blog, sharing your insights and adding to the collective knowledge or the broader B2B community.

Since we posted our original list of top B2B blogs, we’ve continued to update it periodically. Now, we’ve completed a comprehensive revision to the list.

Fresh. One criterion for making the list was having posts in the last 90 days at the time we reviewed the blogs. We’ve culled the list of those B2B blogs that have become inactive. Unfortunately, there were more than 60 of them, including blogs by some well-known B2B marketers. We’ll miss you! If you were previously on the list, let us know if you start blogging again.

New. We’ve researched and reviewed hundreds of potential B2B blogs and included more than 150 new blogs from B2B experts on the consultant, agency, and corporate sides.

Links to Twitter Profiles! We’ve included links to the Twitter profiles of the blogs’ primary authors. A lot of great B2B marketing experts to follow. Be sure to check them out! You can click the individual links below or in follow the list in Twitter via the list of B2B bloggers.

Individual RSS Feeds. Now you can click on the individual feed of a B2B blog you’re currently not following. At first we weren’t going to include this because we thought you could easily get the feed when visiting the blog. We found that wasn’t true. Close to ten percent of the blogs had issues with their feeds or had the wrong links listed for their feeds.

Categories. We’ve reviewed each B2B blog and categorized it based on its content so you can do a quick scan for what interests you most.

Sort it. Now you can search for B2B marketing and sales blogs on the list by sorting the list. Click on the headings of the table below to sort the list however you like.

Import It. The full list of feeds B2B Marketing and Sales Blogs is available for you to import into your RSS reader. We’ve made an opml file of all the blogs on the list. Simply right-click (Mac: control+click) on the preceding link, save the file, and import it into your RSS reader.

Criteria. Here are the general criteria that were used to evaluate blogs for inclusion on the The List of Top B2B Blogs.

  • Blog is at least 3 months old and has at least 10 posts
  • Must have at least one post in the last 90 days
  • Authors of posts are disclosed
  • More than half of the blog’s content is focused on B2B or highly relevant to B2B marketing or sales
  • Majority of posts are original content. Blogs that primarily point to others’ content without regularly adding meaningful insights and perspectives are not included.
  • Posts are not primarily self-promotional. Blogs with primarily self-promotional content are not included.

Grab a Badge

Badges. If your B2B blog is on the list, feel free to grab a badge and display it on your site. Please help us promote everyone who graciously contributes to the B2B community.

Getting on the List. How do blogs get on the list? We periodically do searches for great B2B marketing and sales blogs that meet the criteria above and meaningful standards of writing quality, usability, design, and posting frequency. When another blog links to the list of top B2B blogs, we get notified and check it out for potential inclusion; that’s probably the best way to get our attention. We know we’ve probably missed some great B2B blogs out there. If you’re a B2B blogger and your blog meets the criteria above, let us know if you want your blog to be reviewed and considered for the List of Top B2B Blogs.

Did we get anything wrong? Of course we did! While we try our best, we know we’ve misspelled something, got the wrong name of the blog, forgot to include a primary author, or something else. If your blog is one of the top B2B blogs on the list and we got something wrong or missed anything, let us know by using this correction/update form.

Thanks! Again, thank you to all those B2B bloggers who continue to contribute to this community. Hope you find the list helpful. For now, grab a cup of coffee and sit back. You might be here for a while!

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The List of Top B2B Blogs

Blog Title Summary Category Author(s) Feed
1to1Media Customer strategy articles, trends and best practices General 1to1Media
A Sales Compass Where B2B sales professionals share sales tips and improve their skills Sales Susan A. Enns
A Wider Net Inside views on fresh new marketing technology General
About Leads Lead sources, sales techniques, nurturing, online marketing Lead Management BuyerZone
Achieve Market Leadership A how-to for growing your business General Glenn Gow
Acquiring Minds Robert Lesser blogs about lead generation Lead Management Robert Lesser
Advanced Marketing Collateral Content marketing for business intelligence solution providers Content Marketing Terri Rylander
Allinio Marketing automation & net-centric marketing technology Lead Management Joe Zuccaro
Anything Goes Marketing Tips and tricks to improve your online marketing Online Marketing Chad Horenfeldt
Arketi B2B Marketing Minute B2B marketing podcasts General / Technology Arketi Group
Ask Enquiro Search marketing news, tips, and research Search Marketing Enquiro
Gord Hotchkiss
Ask Justin Hitt Blog Answers to sales and marketing challenges in B2B technology General Justin Hitt
Atlanta Analytics Web analytics and her role in business Analytics / Metrics Evan LaPointe
Aventi Group Tips on driving revenue growth for tech firms General / Technology Sridhar Ramanathan
B2B Bliss PR for thought leaders Public Relations Elizabeth Sosnow
Donna McSorley
Meg Wildrick
B2B Brand Debate Business and brand issues marketers face everyday General B2B Brand Debate
Rieches Barid
B2B Conversations Now Starting B2B sales conversations to drive new business General Dale Underwood
B2B Email Marketing Advice and opinions by and for marketers Email Marketing Stephanie Miller
Mike Hotz
Karen Gedney
B2B Fishbowl Transparent talk about B2B marketing General Canyon Comm
B2B Ideas @ Work MLT Creative’s blog on B2B marketing issues General Billy Mitchell
Glenn Taylor
Patrick Maness
Craig Lindberg
Martine Hunter
B2B Insights Blog Quick practical marketing information General Godfrey
B2B International B2B insights from a market research perspective General
B2B International
B2B Lead Generation Blog Clear Focus on B2B lead generation and marketing Lead Management Brian Carroll
B2B Lead Generation Blog New business and business development Lead Management Norman Campbell
B2B Marketing B2B marketing perspectives from the UK General Annmarie Hanlon
B2B Marketing Content for complex and boring B2B products and services General Alex Flagg
B2B Marketing Blog Proteus B2B’s blog on online marketing, content marketing, and positioning General Galen De Young
B2B Marketing Blog German perspectives on things B2B (auf Deutsch) General Creative Weblogging
B2B Marketing Blog New Gen B2B Marketing: What a business needs to know to market today Lead Management ActiveConversion
B2B Marketing Insider Everything B2B Marketing General Michael Brenner
B2B Marketing News Blog on a wide range of B2B topics General Arketi Group
B2B Marketing Online Insights on B2B marketing issues from a UK-based pub General B2B Marketing Online
B2B Marketing Posse Opinions and commentary on B2B Marketing Online Marketing B2B Marketing Posse
B2B Marketing ROI Pardot’s COO blogs on email, automation, nurturing, and social media Online Marketing Adam Blitzer
B2B Marketing Smarts B2B best marketing practices online and offline General
Susan Fantle
B2B Marketing Zone Aggregation site for B2B marketing articles and posts General
B2B Memes B2B media’s transformation from print to interactive media General John Bethune
B2B Online Marketing Blog uncovering actionable online marketing solutions Online Marketing B2B Online Marketing
B2B Rainmaker An analytical but passionate approach to B2B selling General Jim Logan
B2B Sales & Marketing Knowledge Perspectives on B2B marketing General Scott Gillum
B2B Sales and Marketing Blog Sales, sales leads and marketing Sales
B2B SEO Organic search for B2B marketers Search Marketing Galen De Young
B2B Social Media Digest Increasing qualified leads through community building Social Media Hank Stroll
Meryl K. Evans
B2B Voices B2B PR pros, marketers, & social media thought leaders Public Relations Aaron Pearson
Allan Schoenberg
B2B Web Strategy Blogs about internet marketing strategies Online Marketing Bill Gadless
B2Bbloggers B2B Social Media & Content Marketing Online Magazine for B2B Marketers General B2Bbloggers
Jeremy Victor
B2Bento B2B marketing and social media in Asia General B2Bento
B2Blog B2B and industrial marketing from the corporate side General Dave Jung
BeRelevant! Postings on the best practices in email marketing Email Marketing Tamara Gielen
Better Closer Lead generation, lead mgmt, and social media for sales Sales Bill Rice
Beyond Changes in B2B and how to deal with them General John Bottom
Big Marketing Ideas Blog Strategically successful and tactically innovative marketing General Justin Downey
Bill Hartzer Corporate website marketing and SEO Search Marketing Bill Hartzer
Biznology Blog The intersection of marketing and technology General Mike Moran
Blog Notions Insightful information from industry thought leaders General Drew McLellan
Reena Kapoor
Danny Flamberg
Blue Sky Factory Email marketing from industry experts Email Marketing Blue Sky Factory
Amy Garland
DJ Waldow
Christopher Penn
Brain Vibe B2B marketing with a social media emphasis Social Media Michele Goetz
BrainRider Getting more leads and winning more customers General John Kewley
Nolin LeChasseur
Brand Marketing Blog Improve your marketing performance General Wayne Atwell
Branding & Marketing Improving marketing strategies, tactics and results General Chris Brown
Branding Strategy Insider Tips for marketing leaders on how to build strong brands General Brad VanAuken
Derrick Daye
PR 2.0 PR, social media and new media marketing General Brian Solis
Brian Vellmure’s CRM Strategies Increasing Profitability through CRM Sales Brian Vellmure
Brooks Group Blog Tools to improve your business by maximizing your staff Sales The Brooks Group
Build a Sales Machine Sales and sales management; creating predictable revenue Sales Aaron Ross
Bulldog Solutions Demand generation unleashed Lead Management
Tom Pearson
Amy Bills
Buzz Marketing For Technology Innovative ideas for B2B technology marketers General Paul Dunay
C-Level Relationship Selling Advanced sales training and relationship selling Sales
Sam Manfer
Carol Bentley Copywriting and marketing tips for your business Marcom
Carol Bently
CeeKue Exploring B2B Marketing tools and social media General Hans de Groot
Chris Arlen’s Revenue-IQ Exploring and getting the most from customer relationships General Chris Arlen
Chris Baggott’s Guide to Blogging Strategy, insights, and perspectives on corporate blogging Social Media Compendium
Chris Baggott
Chris Brogan How human business works - beyond social media Social Media Chris Brogan
Chris Garrett The business of blogging and new media Social Media Chris Garrett
Chris Koch’s B2B Marketing Blog Marketing and Sales Strategy for B2B General Chris Koch
Cindy King Cross-cultural and social media skills for international business Social Media Cindy King
CK’s (B2B) Blog Strategies, best practices, smart moves of today’s marketers General Christina Kerley
Commentary on Sales Leadership Commentary and perspectives on sales leadership Sales Dave Stein
Connect The Docs All things whitepaper & ebook Content Marketing ClickDocuments
Ambal Balakrishnan
Connected Marketer Discussion of new technologies, trends, and best practices Online Marketing Genius
Parker Trewin
Scott Mersy
Jep Castelein
Content Marketing Institute Regular how-to content marketing advice from broad range of contributors Content Marketing Junta42
Content Marketing Today How to turn prospects into buyers with content marketing Content Marketing Newt Barrett
Continuous Customer Capture Customer acquisition for tech, services, comm, and consulting General
Conversation Agent On social media and the role of the conversation Social Media Valeria Maltoni
Convince and Convert Social media coaching and consulting Social Media Jay Baer
Copy Points Reflections and advice on current marketing communications issues Marcom Bob James
Copywriting That Sells Insight and resources for tech writers and marketers Marcom Janice King
Creative Agency Secrets Grow your business by finding new customers and clients General Rebecca Caroe
Cruxroads Strategies and how-to’s for software and cloud companies Online Marketing Chas Cooper
Customer Experience Matrix Making the most of every customer interaction General / Technology David Raab
Customer on the Edge Strategies for acquiring and retaining good customers General
Matthew Johnson
Customer Satisfaction and Reputation Management Helping organizations keep their customers satisfied General Adele Berenstein
Customer Think Customer-centric business strategy General CustomerThink
Dance with Strangers New dance steps for marketers General Kyle Flaherty
Deep Tech Dive Tech marketing news, trends & insights General / Technology McClenahan Bruer
Deliverability News, rumors, commentary from the email deliverable community Email Marketing Dennis Dayman
Joshua Baer
DemandBlog Best practices in B2B demand gen Lead Management Jason Stewart
Chris Golec
DemandGen Improving the ROI from B2B marketing Lead Management
DemandMetric Marketing, lead gen, CRM Lead Management John Follett
Stephan Sorger
Developing Your B2B Sales Skills Skills for business to business selling Sales Voss Graham
Dianna Huff’s B2B Marcom Writer Blog Insights on everything related to B2B Marketing Marcom Dianna Huff
Dig It Sales advice, recommendations, and interesting and useful news Sales
Kelly McLean
Digital Body Language Advice on marketing and demand generation Lead Management Steve Woods
Digital Cocktail Internet mktg., web 2.0, SM, digital mktg., networking, personal branding Online Marketing Ilona Lemeshov
Digital Marketing Mercenary Smart social marketing for smart companies Social Media Steve Farnsworth
Earnest About B2B Ideas and insights on B2B marketing General Earnest
eMarketing Strategist Internet marketing demystified Online Marketing Elge Premeau
Emergence Marketing The human elements of marketing General Francois Gossieaux
EMS Buzz Branding, manufacturing, marketing in the electronics mfg industry General
Jeff Cosman
Enable Your Sales Sales enablement and sales 2.0 Sales Matthias Roebel
Engage Selling Solutions No-nonsense approach to sales tending to the needs of customers Sales Colleenn Francis
Everything Technology Marketing B2B technology marketing General / Technology Holger Schulze
Exhibiting Success Achieving greater success exhibiting at tradeshows and events Trade Shows Deborah Elms
Fearless Competitor B2B Marketing and demand gen best practices General Jeff Ogden
Fifth Gear Analytics Accelerating sales through analytial insights Analytics / Metrics Sigma Marketing
Fill the Funnel Web tools, techniques and services that enhance sales productivity Online Marketing Miles Austin
Fill the Funnel
Follow the Lead B2B sales and marketing blog General Matthew Schwartz
Freaking Marketing Passionate insight on marketing and lead gen tips General Robert Rosenthal
Funnel Focus Insights on B2B marketing Lead Management Manticore Technology
Funnelholic Tips on generating and nurturing leads Lead Management Funnelholic
Fusion B2B Brand Identity, advertising, websites, seo, social media General FusionB2B
futurenow Human reactions to marketing, sales, pr and evolving media General
Brenden Regan
Garth’s World The life of a sales guy and other business tales Sales Garth Moulton
Gavin Ingham Sales performance Sales Gavin Ingham
Global Copywriting Practical advice focused on B2B and content marketing Content Marketing Sarah Mitchell
Google Analytics Web analytics Analytics / Metrics Google Analytics
Great B2B Marketing Parables and common sense deliver solid B2B advice General Christopher Ryan
GreenLeads Marketing, demand & lead generation Lead Management Mike Damphousse
GroupEffects Marketing Blog Marketing, sales effectiveness, influence and society General Kathleen Schaub
{grow} Journal of practical marketing solutions General Mark Schaefer
Guerrilla Consulting Breakthrough tactics for winning profitable clients General Michael McLaughlin
Gyro:HSR Perspectives on a wide range of B2B issues General GyroHSR
Headlines from Floyd B2B copywriting tips with a dash of small-town flavor Marcom Niel Sagebiel
Heat Blog about B2B, lead gen, and new media General 451Heat
Heavy Hitter Sales Blog Sales strategy advice, tips, and techniques Sales
Steve W. Martin
Hinge Dynamics of the professional service General Hinge
HRmarketer.com blog Blog dedicated to human resource marketing issues General HRmarketer.com
Ian Brodie Selling and marketing professional services General Ian Brodie
Ice Blue Sky B2B marketing and lead generation General Ice Blue Sky
iCentera Blog Sales enablement Sales Craig Nelson
Illuminating the Future How thought leaders become Market Leaders General Britton Manasco
Imagine Your Reality Business and social media coaching Social Media Taylor Ellwood
Inbound Internet Marketing Blog SEO, social media, lead gen and analytics Online Marketing HubSpot
Mike Volpe
Kipp Bodnar
Pamela Seiple
Inbound Marketing Automation Inbound mktg; mktg automation; lead mgmt; and demand gen Online Marketing Eric Goldman
Increase Sales Blog Increase your sales with the know how Sales Leane Hoagland Smith
Industrial Marketing Today Industrial, technical, and B2B marketing General Achinta Mitra
Industrial Search Engine Marketing Tips on search marketing for industry Search Marketing eCreativeWorks
Inflexion Point Transforming B2B sales and marketing performance General Bob Apollo
Inmedia Public Relations Blog on the marketing of technology Public Relations Francis Moran
Linda Forest
Inside Sales Experts Building, expanding and optimizing inside sales strategies Sales Trish Bertuzzi
Matt Bertuzzi
Integrated Branding Blog Insight into healthcare and B2B marketing Strategies General Moveo
Integrated Marcom Minute B2B copywriting and integrated marcom Marcom Joan Damico
Intelligent Conversations Tips from an expert on sales force development Sales Mike Carroll
Ironclad Marketing Blog about the intersection where strategy and creative meet General
Denise Stoppleworth
It’s All About Revenue Eloqua’s blog on the role of innovation in revenue generation General / Technology Eloqua
Steve Woods
Joe Chernov
John Caddell’s blog How customers’ desires should impact the sales channel General John Caddell
The JF Blogit Sales, sales management, and leadership Sales Johnathan Farrington
Junta 42 Blog Strategies for content marketing and custom publishing Content Marketing Joe Pulizzi
Karima-Catherine Integrating social media into business strategy Social Media Karima-Catherine
Keys to Growth Strategic advice for CEOs wanting to grow fast General Adam Ross
Keys to Growth
Knights On The Road B2B selling insights Sales Regnordman
KOMarketing Associates Ideas, thoughts, and opinions related to Internet Marketing Search Marketing Andy Komack
Derek Edmond
Kranz Communications Content marketing, social media, copywriting, and general B2B marketing Content Marketing Jonathon Kranz
Larry Bodine Law Marketing Blog Law marketing blog on tips, techniques, and strategy General Larry Bodine
Launch PR Launching new products, services, companies, and communities Public Relations Schneider Associates
Law Firm Web Strategy Web innovation in the legal marketplace General Steve Matthews
Lead Genesys Boosting accountable ROI and revenue Lead Management Jeff Kostermans
Lead Views Lead generation, sales closure and everything in between Lead Management LeadFormix
LeadLife Lead management best practices Lead Management LeadLife Solutions
LeadSloth Tips on finding untapped revenue in your marketing database Lead Management LeadSloth
Jep Castelein
Mack Collier Helping companies understand the social part of social media Social Media Mack Collier
Making a Difference Views, thoughts, opinions & observations Sales David A. Brock
Manhattan Marketing Maven Commentary on vital marketing and advertising issues General Danny Flamberg
Mark TV The crazy, irreverent, but relevant Marc Gordon on video General Marc Gordon
Marketbright Articles on lead nurturing, marketing automation & selling Lead Management Erik Bower
Marketfusions Insights on Strategic Marketing, and Brand Leadership General Shivonne Byrne
Marketing Campaign Development Integrated Marketing Playbook: personas, positioning & messaging General Mike Gospe
Marketing Conversation Digital PR & social media marketing Social Media Abraham Harrison
Marketing Edge Marketing and public relations blog and podcast General Albert Maruggi
Marketing Experiments Blog Helpful takes on using the web and social media Online Marketing MarketingExperiments
Daniel Burstein
Marketing Finger B2B marketing, social media, PR, and technology General Andrew Spoeth
Marketing Globally Learning to work, adapt,_and evolve in a global environment General Aaron Dun
Marketing Has Changed Planning, executing, measuring customer engagement programs General John Ellett
Marketing in a Web 2.0 World Defining, exploring and determining the value of B2B SMM Social Media LaSandra Brill
Marketing Interactions Content marketing, lead generation and management, and online strategy General Ardath Albee
Marketing Jive The latest on SEO and SEM for B2B Search Marketing Jody Nimetz
Marketing MO Process, tips and strategy for business marketers General Growth Panel
Marketing NPV Meeting your marketing measurement challenges Analytics / Metrics Pat LaPointe
Marketing Operations at Work How to change the MO of marketing General Gary M. Katz
Marketing Optimization Common-sense tips & real-world examples General Pat McGraw
Marketing Productivity Blog Moving from a low- to high-accountability business General Jim Novo
Marketing Profs Daily Fix Smart thinking to the marketing professional General Ann Handley
Marketing ROI or DIE Creating relevant, compelling, and persuasive content marketing Content Marketing Rebekah Paul
Marketing Trenches Examples of successful marketing strategies and tactics General Mike Sweeney
Will Davis
Marketing Voices Social media and its impact on marketing for business worldwide Social Media Jennifer Jones
Marketing with Mike Insights and perspectives on inbound marketing and social media Online Marketing Mike Volpe
Marketing, Sales, & Anything Else The intersection of marketing, sales & technology General Ben Bradley
MarketingAutomation.net Tips and best practices in the marketing automation space Lead Management Pardot
MarketingLand B2B marketing tactics (in Dutch) General Henri van den Hoof
MarketingSavant Thought leadership, digital & social media General Dana VanDen Heuvel
MarketingSherpa Blog Practical marketing commentaries General MarketingSherpa
Marx Communications Insights and perspectives on B2B PR Public Relations Wendy Marx
MathMarketing Blog Insights into better sales and marketing funnel management Lead Management Hugh Macfarlane
Chris Fell
Christian Maurer
Charles Besondy
Sally Earle
Media + Marketing Tips re print & online media, PR & marketing [bilingual EN/DE] General Hugo E. Martin
Meeting To Win Managing sales teams Sales MeetingToWin
Merl’s PR Speak PR, marketing, branding, SEO, and social media techniques General Merl’s PR Speak
Mi6 Developing relationship, reputation, and revenue generation programs General B2B Specialist
Michael on Entreprenuership Small business marketing and advertising advice General Michael Cage
Michael Roby Tips for the financial services industry General Michael Roby
Modern B2B Marketing The latest thinking about B2B marketing General / Technology Maria Pergolino
Jon Miller
My Educated Guess Marketing answers for IT General / Technology Marilou Barsam
Neil Thackary’s Business Blog Digital development, reader engagement, marketing strategies General Neil Thackray
New Sales Economy Blog Informative interviews revealing success in sales 2.0 Sales Chad Levitt
NewIncite Providing new insight for marketing success General Jennifer Beever
No Smoke and Mirrors It’s about serving your market, not selling them General Mark Allen Roberts
NuSpark Marketing Web 2.0 marketing strategy, PPC, SEO, social media Online Marketing NuSpark Marketing
Occam’s Razor Great insights on analytics Analytics / Metrics Avinash Kaushik
One Man and His Blog Blog on bloggers, journalists, and other media General Adam Tinworth
One Riot - One Ranger B2B marketing transformation General Charles Besondy
Online Marketing Blog Digital PR, social & search engine marketing Online Marketing TopRank
Lee Odden
Adam Singer
Online Marketing Intelligence SEO, SEM and social media Online Marketing Jerry Holliday
Online Marketing Management Tips on online marketing strategy Online Marketing David Dalka
Online Marketing: An Article a Day Online mktg advice and news for industrial marketing mgrs. Online Marketing Chris Rand
Other Side Online, content, and social media marketing Online Marketing Other Side Group
Out Of My Gord Thoughts on search engine marketing for B2B Search Marketing Gord Hotchkiss
Pardot Blog Marketing Automation Lead Management Pardot
Paul Conley News, insights, and opinions on trade journalism Public Relations Paul Conley
Paul Gillin Social media and the open enterprise Social Media Paul Gillin
Persuasive.net Tips on learning persuasive communication General AJ Kumar
Phil Lauterjung Conversations on sales, marketing, and social media General Phil Lauterjung
PR Meets Marketng intersection of PR and marketing, with strategic advice Public Relations Cece Salomon-Lee
Practical Advice On SAAS Marketing Optimizing marketing and sales of SAAS General Peter Cohen
Product Launch and Business Growth Blog Product launch and business growth strategies, tips, and tools General Rick Braddy
Product Marketing Eclectic but interesting insights on sales and marketing General Steve Johnson
Propelling Brands Branding and marketing with an emphasis on technology General / Technology Adam Needles
ProspectMX Customized internet marketing strategies Online Marketing Dave Conklin
Public Relations and Managing Reputation PR, marketing, social media, reputation management Public Relations Craig Pearce
RainMaker Blog Marketing and sales topics for B2B professional services providers General Rain Today
Michelle Davidson
Erica Stritch
Mike Schultz
Mary Flaherty
John Doerr
Ready Contacts A relatively deep dive into leads and contact management Lead Management Vaibhav Donkumdwar
Rebar Business Builders Professional Service Marketing Tips and Strategies General Bill Brelsford
Rebelations Tips and strategies for transformation General Rebel Brown
Red on Marketing Research, insights, and ideas on B2B marketing General Rebekah E. Donaldson
Remarkable Marketing Strategies Experience and ideas on marketing remarkable products General Susan Tatum
Sue Anderson-Lenz
Reputation to Revenue Marketing in world of transparency, participation and social responsibility General Rob Leavitt
Research Rockstar Making market research useful General Kathryn Korostoff
Rethinking Marketing and Branding Bridging the gap between marketing and branding General Synaxis
Return on Ideas Review of key demand generation issues for B2B marketers Online Marketing Rick Whitmyre
Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc.
Revenue Journal Revenue increasing insights, strategies and techniques General Kristin Zhivago
Revenue Orchard Revenue growth strategies for B2B companies General Lilia Shirman
Rick Short The real-life, corporate side of B2B marcom Marcom Rick Short
Ron Brauner Helpful nuggets on a variety of marketing topics General Ron Brauner
Rory Brown Following the evolution of media markets General Rory Brown
Sales 2.0 Network Sharing sales insight, hindsight, and a little foresight Sales Sales 2.0 Network
Sales and Marketing Effectiveness Sales & marketing strategy, process and technology General Bob Sullivan
Sales and Sales Management The latest on sales and management issues Sales Paul McCord
Sales Blogcast Where business professionals network and share best practices Sales Doyle Slayton
Sales Brew Sales and sales management expertise Sales Tony Cole
Sales Brew
Sales Enablement Insightful information for the sales professional Sales Paul Krajewski
Sales lead Dynamics Weekly tips on generating more sales leads Lead Management Peter Helmer
Sales Lead Insights Blog about B2B lead gen, marketing, and sales Lead Management M.H. (Mac) McIntosh
Sales Lead Management Association Clearinghouse for articles on maximizing sales leads Lead Management James Obermayer
Sales Loudmouth Selling insights and strategies Sales Tim Rohrer
Sales Machine Sales strategies, tactics, and insights Sales Geoffrey James
Sales Performance Suite Tips on successful pre-call planning Sales Precallpro
Sales Pro Insider Building performance and increasing sales Sales Nancy Bleeke
Sales Prospecting Perspectives B2B sales prospecting with the marketing and sales community Sales AG Salesworks
Sales Tips Blog Sales tips blog with sales skills information for sales professionals Sales Scott Sheaffer
Sales Training Blog Online selling tips and strategies Sales Josh Gordon
Sales x Marketing Synchronizing sales and marketing to shorten time to revenue General / Technology Kim Albee
Salespodder Turning today’s salespeople into tomorrow’s chief execs Sales
Jason Figg
SAVO Opinions and discussions on topics affecting the sales industry Sales John Aiello
Savvy B2B Marketing Ideas and practical Strategies for B2B Marketing General Kate Headen
Michele Linn
Jamie Wallace
Stephanie Tilton
Wendy Thomas
Heather Rubesch
Sazbean Internet strategy, marketing, design, and technology Online Marketing Sazbean
Schubert’s B2B Marketing Blog Insights and analysis: B2B marketing, PR, and interactive General Schubert Communications
Seat at the Table C-level public relations Public Relations Ephraim Cohen
Selling Power News and insights for sales leaders Sales Gerhard Gschwandtner
Selling to Big Companies Guide for sellers seeking large clients Sales Jill Konrath
SEO Content Marketing Blog Content marketing, organic search, and social media Content Marketing Beth Hrusch
SEOmoz Organic search. Not specifically B2B, but a great source. Search Marketing SEOmoz
Rand Fishkin
Servant of Chaos A bit esoteric, but insights helpful to B2B can be gleaned General Gavin Heaton
Seth Godin’s Blog Eclectic and not specifically B2B, but insights apply broadly General Seth Godin
Sharon Drew Morgen Covers a variety of B2B topics, focusing on buying facilitation General Sharon Drew Morgen
Silverpop Demand Generation Strategies and perspectives on demand gen and marketing automation Lead Management Adam Needles
Kristin McKenna
Silverpop Email Marketing Strategy Email marketing strategies and solutions Email Marketing Silverpop
Bill Nussey
Silverpop Engagement Marketing Engagement marketing and marketing automation Online Marketing Loren McDonald
Chris Arrendale
Robert Consoli
Silverpop Engagement Marketing (EMEA) Engagement marketing for Europe, Middle East, and Asia Online Marketing Riaz Kanani
SiriusDecisions Issues and ideas for impacting sales and marketing integration General / Technology SiriusDecisions
Skykine Trade Show Tips Blog dedicated to your exhibiting success Trade Shows Skyline Exhibits
Small Company Big Image SMBs using new media to generate leads & grow companies General Cynthia Trevino
Social Media B2B Solid examples and insights on using social media Social Media Social Media B2B
Jeffrey Cohen
Social Media Examiner How to best use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Social Media Social Media Examiner
Michael Stelzner
Cindy King
Casey Hibbard
Social Media Explorer Understand the social web and engaging consumers online Social Media Jason Falls
Social Media Sonar Social media for SMB; great LinkedIn resource Social Media Sean Nelson
Social Media Today Aggregated posts on social media Social Media Social Media Today
Socialable Social media and sales strategies Social Media Shane Gibson
Sowgro Ideas and views on B2B internet marketing Online Marketing Todd Miechiels
SPM Business Solutions Improving the effectiveness of your marketing, lead mgmt, and sales General / Technology
Steve Moore
Steve Rubel Insights on emerging technology, marketing and digital culture General / Technology Steve Rubel
Stone Junction Online marketing public relations, email marketing and blogging Online Marketing Richard Stone
Strategic Public Relations Public relations strategy and integrated marcom Public Relations Kevin Dugan
Strategies Strategies for salespeople and business leaders General Bill Caskey
Bryan Neale
Brooke Green
Strictly Business Weekly column on B2B search marketing Search Marketing Search Engine land
Sway The who, what, why and how of influencer relations General / Technology Barbara French
Tech Marketing Blog Resources for B2B technology marketing General / Technology Tom Jacobs
Techipedia The very smart social media insights of Tamar Social Media Tamar Weinberg
The Accidental Negotiator Effectively using sales negotiation and persuasion skills Sales Jim Anderson
The Agile B2B Copywriter B2B copywriting tips, social media ideas, and research General Kristina Stiffler
The Annuitas Group Lead generation and management; marketing automation Lead Management Carlos Hidalgo
Jay Hidalgo
The B2B Lead The care and nurturing of sales leads Lead Management Reach Force
The Best B2B Marketing Blog Various B2B marketing topics General Susan LaPlante-Dube
The Complex System Following the unconventional path to success General
Jeff Solomon
The Content Factor Content marketing and B2B buyer insights Content Marketing Paul McKeon
Veronica Brown
The CRAP Report Sales prospecting strategies and tips; direct mktg; lead qualification Sales Chris Snell
The Cross Channel Conversation Lead management, automation, online marketing Online Marketing Kristin Hambleton
Mathieu Hannouz
Jennifer Minko
Stephan Dietrich
The Customer Collective Aggregated posts for sales and marketing execs General Your Customers
The Digital Buyer Persona Interesting examples of thinking like your prospect Online Marketing Tony Zambito
The Effective Marketer Discusses effective strategies and tactics to improve marketers’s results General Daniel Kuperman
The eMarketer Blog Research and trend analysis on digital marketing and media Online Marketing eMarketer
The ExactTarget Blog All things email marketing Email Marketing Al Iverson
Kristeen Hudson
Morgan Stewart
Joel Book
The Expertise Marketplace Perspectives on marketing in the professional services sector General Suzanne Lowe
The Harte of Marketing Marketing & communications for the customer-centric organization General Beth Harte
The Inside View Blog Sales intelligence Sales InsideView
The Kahle Way Tips on improving B2B sales effectiveness Sales Dave Kahle
The Kiss Principle of Lead Generation How to keep it simple for quality and effective lead generation Lead Management Brigid Greenway
The Long Hello Making B2B marketing work for the bottom line General Mark Eardley
The Marketing Eye How to make Marketing tactics work better General The Marketing Eye
The Marketing Malange Marketing, with strategy, information technology, and B2B focus General Mike Frichol
The Point Best practices and principles in B2B Demand Generation Lead Management Howard J. Sewell
The Sales Blog Improving your sales, marketing, and business Sales S. Anthony Iannarino
The Sales Operations Blog Tips on the things that make the sales function work better Sales Marci Reynolds
The Science and Art of Selling Perspectives, strategies, tips and techniques on selling Sales Alen Majer
The Social Media Marketing Blog Insights regarding the world of new marketing Social Media Scott Monty
The Top Line Shortening the sales cycle. Accelerating revenues. General Barbara Bix
The Truth about B2B Marketing ROI B2B integrated marketing communication and how to measure it Marcom
Merry K. Elrick
Thinking Out Loud Perspectives blog from an IT Pro General Brian Heys
Tom Pisello:The ROI Guy Improving the value of B2B solutions General
Tom Pisello
Tradesmen Insights Marketing to tradesman in the construction, industrial and MRO markets General John Sonnhalter
Understanding the Sales Force Anything and everything sales Sales
Dave Kurlan
Useful Arts How trademark, copyright, privacy and politics shape the web Online Marketing Dave Wieneke
VanillaSoft Inside sales enablement, technology, processes and people Sales Ken Murray
VAZT Optimizing people, process and technology General Seamus Walsh
Velocity A joyride through the mean streets of B2B Online Marketing Velocity
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Webbiquity SEO, search marketing, social media and other things B2B Online Marketing Tom Pick
What Works For Business An offering of ideas, trends, tactics and resources General What Works
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What’s Working in Marketing? Technology and online marketing Online Marketing Juliann Grant
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Jamie Lee Wallace August 22, 2010 at 10:23 am

On behalf of the Savvy Sisters at the Savvy B2B Marketing blog, we’re proud to be included in your list of top blogs. We are so grateful to our peers for their support of our site & really enjoy being part of such a great B2B blogger community.



Rebekah Donaldson August 25, 2010 at 7:03 pm

Sweet! But who’s NUMBER ONE? Being type A, I can’t stand not knowing. JK. Mostly.


Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 7:56 am

Hi, Rebekah. Wow. Rating and ranking would be another huge initiative. Perhaps soon. So much work goes into researching, evaluating, and compiling the blogs on the list, we thought we should get the list out there first. I was surprised to see how many new additions there were with this update. So many smart people to learn from!

Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 8:18 am

Thanks, Jamie. You and the rest of the Savvy Sisters do a fantastic job of consistently creating valuable, relevant content for the B2B marketing community. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!


Anol August 22, 2010 at 10:31 am

Thanks for including B2Bento.com in your list.


Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 9:03 am

Our pleasure. Thanks for what you contribute via your blog, Twitter, and through helping moderate B2BChat!


Jeff Ogden August 22, 2010 at 11:28 am

As the Fearless Competitor, we’re are honored to be on this list with such greats at the Savvy Sisters and LeadSloth. We also really appreciate how you shared Twitter IDs and RSS feeds. Thanks for promoting the B2B community.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor
Find New Customers “Lead Generation Made Simple”


Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 9:02 am

Hi, Jeff. Thanks for stopping by, leaving a comment, and promoting the list on Twitter.

We really liked the idea of including links to authors’ Twitter profiles. But it turned out to be much more work than it should have been. In many cases, in some cases we had to search fairly hard for the authors on Twitter; a surprising number of blogs don’t have links to the Twitter profiles of authors. We had to review each of these profiles to determine which profiles to include. Because many people had multiple twitter profiles, we had to discern which profiles tweeted about B2B and which ones were personal and should not be linked to. Finding those profiles and deciding which ones was challenging, but I’m really happy to be able to include them. I know the Twitter links are a benefit for people reviewing the list, but it really opened my eyes to just how many other great contributors are out there who I hadn’t seen before.

Same was true for the RSS feeds. It was surprising how may people had issues with their feeds. Many didn’t work or had links to old feed addresses. Some had multiple links to the “feed”, but they all pointed to multiple feed addresses, and finding the right one took a few minutes. We called or emailed many authors whose feeds weren’t working right so we could include the feed.

Thanks, Jeff, for all you do via your blog and Twitter to promote great content for the community. Keep it coming!


Tony Karrer August 22, 2010 at 2:39 pm

Thanks for including us. Good to see so many folks from the B2B Marketing Zone in this list. I continue to think that we should somehow combine efforts on this.

Until then, if you are on the list and want to participate in the B2B Marketing Zone, please let me (or Tom Pick) know.


Barbara Bix August 22, 2010 at 8:44 pm



Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 8:45 am

Thanks, Tony. I really appreciate what you and Tom have done in setting up and managing B2B Marketing Zone. It’s a really good way to keep up on B2B content from some of the best contributors in the community. I’ll get in touch with you and Tom offline to talk about how we can work together.


Liz McInnis September 7, 2010 at 10:57 am

Thanks Tony. The About Leads team would love to get involved with B2B Marketing Zone. Please let me know how to get in touch with you or Tom offline to discuss.


Chris Wilson August 23, 2010 at 10:39 am

Thanks for the inclusion, from all here at Earnest!

Great work on promoting the industry and the best in B2B thinking.



Martine Hunter August 23, 2010 at 11:04 am

Galen: Thank you for including MLT Creative B2B Ideas @ Work blog once again. It’s amazing to see how the list has grown over the years. Appreciate you being the keeper of these vital connections to our online community.



Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 9:42 am

Hi, Martine. Thanks for your kind words, stopping by, and leaving a comment. Always glad to include MLT creative’s blog; it’s an easy inclusion. Your firm has contributed some great content to the B2B marketing community, and over the last year or so stepped up those contributions even more. Thanks so much to you and everyone on your team for doing so!


Tom Pick August 23, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Hi Galen, thanks very much for the honor of being included on this outstanding list of resources. Checking out the names I’m not familiar with will keep me busy for a while. Beyond that, ditto what Tony Karrer says above.


Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 9:45 am

Hi, Tom. Thanks for the kind words and the comment. Between Webbiquity, B2B Marketing Zone, and Twitter, you’ve been a huge contributor to making the B2B community smarter and more connected. Thank you! Re B2B Marketing Zone, as I mentioned above, I’ll be in touch offline to talk how we can work together. Keep up the great work! All the best, -Galen.


Mary Flaherty August 23, 2010 at 1:55 pm

Thanks for including RainToday’s RainMaker Blog on your list. What a terrific resource you’ve put together. Many familiar sites, but lots of great new ones… I’m off to explore!


Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 8:12 am

Hi, Mary. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’ve been on the RainToday email list for years, but it hasn’t been until recently that I discovered the RainMaker Blog. Great stuff! Thanks for all you do to contribute to and promote the B2B community. – Galen


Rob Leavitt August 23, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Hey Galen,

Thanks much for including my blog — although now you’re pulled me into reading even more great content from your fantastic list. Oh well, I’m sure I can afford another hour of procrastination!


Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 8:15 am

Hi, Rob. So true. You can probably procrastinate for a week or more. Wouldn’t be hard with all the great content members on the list are contributing to the community. Thanks for what you contribute as well, both in your blog and via twitter. Always good stuff.


Jim August 23, 2010 at 3:52 pm

I must need glasses! The eMail Guide isn’t on the list? Please tell me it’s just my cataracts! ;)



Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 9:50 am

Hi, Jim. I have no doubt we’ve missed many great B2B blogs, including some well known ones we simply overlooked. Feel free to submit your blog for consideration using the link in the post above. We’ll be going through those submissions on a regular basis.


victor kippes August 23, 2010 at 4:37 pm

I take my blogs omission as a challenge! http://www.dontaskdontsell.com was written for B2B marketers who produce or attend events as a means to generate demand. Disappointed for not be included but appreciative the list.


Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 9:58 am

Hi, Victor. Thanks for your comment. Despite the fact that we spend considerable time researching potential blogs…combing through accumulated Google Alerts we have set up for this purpose; clicking through the profile links of B2B people on Twitter to see if the person has a relevant blog; following links in posts and tweets; evaluating dozens of various blog lists created by others; clicking through all the potentially relevant links in the blogrolls of blogs we ran across; reviewing all of the requests for inclusion we had received; using search engines to find more B2B blogs…I have no doubt we’ve missed many great B2B blogs. Feel free to submit your blog for consideration using the link in the post above. We’ll be going through those submissions on a regular basis.


Achinta Mitra August 23, 2010 at 6:08 pm

Thank you very much for including Industrial Marketing Today blog in your list. I am honored and humbled.


Paul Castain August 23, 2010 at 9:09 pm

What an awesome list!

Thanks for taking the time to compile it!

Paul Castain


Jeremy August 24, 2010 at 9:04 am


I’ve always valued the inclusion of B2Bbloggers.com on this list, but is greatest value is the introduction of the many other wonderful blogs.

Great effort keeping this list updated.



Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 8:07 am

Hi, Jeremy. I think you’re exactly right. After a while it’s easy to get complacent, not continuing to expand the search for new people to follow. For me, doing a major update to the list again showed me how many other smart people with great content are out there. Always more to learn. Thanks for the comment. And thanks for the great work you continue to do at B2B Bloggers and for helping moderate B2BChat.


Jeremy Sacco August 24, 2010 at 11:23 am

Yet another thank you — we at BuyerZone are thrilled to be a part of such a great list. Now where are the other 10 hours in the day so I can read all of these other blogs?


Appointment Setting Services August 24, 2010 at 1:14 pm

Great Resource, I am enjoying having all these blogs listed in one place. We have put together some b2b cold calling tips: http://www.rhinotelemarketing.com/cold-calling-tips


Jay Baer August 24, 2010 at 4:29 pm

Thanks so much for including Convince & Convert on your list. I really appreciate the amount of labor that went into this compilation. Nice job!


Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 9:07 am

Thanks, Jay! Really great to have you on the list. I know Convince & Convert isn’t specifically focused on B2B, but SO much of what you contribute is relevant, spot-on advice for B2B marketers. Don’t know how you do it. Great stuff. Always.

Really appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. – Galen


Linda Forrest August 25, 2010 at 10:34 am

Thanks very much for including inmedialog on your list. We strive to provide useful and interesting content on tech marketing in the blogosphere; glad to hear that you think we’re doing just that. I look forward to checking out some of our listmates’ websites with which I’m not already familiar.


seamus walsh August 25, 2010 at 10:36 am

Galen, thanks for my inclusion on this list and for compiling the clearing house of go-to subject matter experts on the topic.


Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) August 27, 2010 at 10:03 am

Hi, Seamus. Thanks for the kind words. Always appreciate and look forward to your contributions to the community as well.


Chris Rand August 25, 2010 at 3:20 pm

I’ll join Victor (above) in seeing my blog’s omission as a challenge! Online Marketing: An Article A Day has well over 500 posts now, and over 1000 subscribers by email alone, so we must be doing something right. I won’t lose heart.



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