Proteus B2B is a marketing consulting firm specializing in repositioning B2B companies and their brands through positioning strategy, content marketing, B2B social media, B2B SEO, and B2B email marketing

Why Companies Seek Repositioning

Below are just some of the reasons.

To Differentiate the Company; To Compete on Something Other Than Price

We see it frequently—a company forced to compete almost solely on price because, quite frankly, it does a lousy job convincing prospects it offers something different that commands a higher price. Although the company may think it is different and more valuable, the market views the company’s offerings as commodities with plenty of reasonable and available substitutes. Clients retain us to help them identify and migrate to positions of leadership in their markets, where there are few credible substitutes. If you don’t operate in a commodity market, you don’t compete solely on price.

To Create Clarity and Alignment

A company with generalized, poor, muddy, inaccurate positioning will almost certainly suffer from disoriented staff members. Try this simple test: Ask five staff members what the company does and what sets it apart. In an organization suffering from poor positioning, you’ll get four to five different answers. If the staff members, who have constant contact with the organization, can’t get it right, how can we expect prospects to understand and value the company’s positioning.

Proper positioning drives clarity—both inside the organization and in the marketplace. That clarity ensures everyone in the company is moving in the same direction, delivering on the promises of the brand every day. We help our clients create clarity in their positioning and align organizational disciplines to that positioning.

To Create More New Business Opportunities

To win more business, you need more chances at bat. Proper repositioning ensures you get to the plate more often. That’s because prospects recognize your relevance to their needs and your differentiation in the marketplace. Proper positioning makes sure you’re always in the starting line up, perhaps the lead-off batter—not some second stringer fighting in a crowd of equally talented players just to get noticed. The starting line-up swings the bat a lot; the second string often just watches the game. Which do you want to be?

To Win Business More Easily

Business-to-business prospects want to work with experts. If they recognize your unique expertise, they’ll want to talk to you. Confidence and trust makes prospects’ purchase decisions easier. If you’re “on their radar” and properly positioned, you’ll be on the short list from the beginning. You’ll be able to bypass more RFPs. You can negotiate the sale before others even know there’s an opportunity.

Through corporate repositioning, we help our clients earn recognition for their differentiated expertise, creating meaningful, valuable reasons for prospect to choose them.  

To Reduce Selling Costs

You might be fighting harder and harder for the same sales. You may have hired more people this year just to get the same level of sales you got last year. Or you might be responding to more and more time-consuming RFPs and RFQs, hoping you make the short list of four from the 15 companies also responding. Many business leaders experiencing these pains think they have a problem with sales. However, in almost all cases, these problems are the direct result of the company’s positioning in the marketplace.

Proper corporate positioning can significantly reduce the average acquisition cost for new business. Proper positioning “sells” for you. We help business-to-business companies develop repositioning strategies that make it easier for prospects to find them and choose them.

To Increase the Value of the Company

The value of any company is based on the certainty of projected cash flows in future years. The larger the cash flows and the more certain those future cash flows are, the more valuable the company.

Clients retain us to reposition their companies or brands for greater relevance and differentiation—which, in turn, creates larger margins and market preference. Larger margins mean larger cash flows. And sustainable differentiation helps ensure those margins will continue. That represents lower risk, and companies with lower risk of eroding cash flows receive a higher multiple of earnings when it’s time to sell—a difference that can put millions more in your pocket.

To Create Perpetual Value for the Company

A business largely dependent on the personal success and dynamic contribution of its owners can impact the value of the company when those owners are ready to sell. If the owners are what made the company successful, the certainty of the company’s future cash flows is in doubt the moment those owners leave.

On the other hand, proper repositioning in the marketplace can help companies win business without relying on the real or perceived contributions of company owners. Value is transferred from individuals to the company. We worked with owners to transition value perceptions from their personas to corporate brands, developing a more valuable asset, one that commands a much higher price when it’s time to sell.


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Proteus B2B is a marketing consulting firm specializing in repositioning business-to-business companies and their brands. We help companies identify and migrate to positions of market leadership where their brands have few credible substitutes in the marketplace.