Proteus B2B is a marketing consulting firm specializing in repositioning B2B companies and their brands through positioning strategy, content marketing, B2B social media, B2B SEO, and B2B email marketing

B2B Message Strategy

Sometimes your desired positioning is right, but you’re just aren’t doing a good job of making that positioning come to life in the marketplace. Your formal and informal messages make you almost indistinguishable from your competitors. We help clients develop effective go-to-market message strategies that drive positioning and help position clients as one of few credible substitutes in the marketplace.

With an understanding of the desired positioning, we help clients develop a 13-part message strategy that can and should serve as the standard by which future marketing communications and initiatives are judged. 

And we don’t have to be the one to develop those future communications and initiatives. Many times clients engage our firm because they have existing relationships they value and like, but they need and want third-party professional counsel to assess the merit and effectiveness of their current and future direction.

If you would like to talk with us about B2B Message Strategy and see whether we may be a good fit with you and your needs, call Managing Director Galen De Young at 616.235.1122 or send us a note using the contact form.

B2B Marketing Resources

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Proteus SEO specializes in B2B SEO, search engine optimization for B2B websites. Only B2B. Only SEO.

About Proteus B2B Marketing

Proteus B2B is a marketing consulting firm specializing in repositioning business-to-business companies and their brands. We help companies identify and migrate to positions of market leadership where their brands have few credible substitutes in the marketplace.