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B2B Search Engine Optimization

Image of person optimizing a website for B2B SEOHow’s your presence in the search engine results? Not so good? Then it’s a good thing you’re here. At Proteus B2B, we can tell you why. We can also tell you what to do about it. Then help you do it. We specialize in search engine optimization strategies for B2B companies. In fact, we have a separate division, Proteus SEO, devoted exclusively to B2B search engine optimization.

SEO for business-to-business is different for all the same reasons B2B is different than B2C in more traditional marketing communications. In B2B, there are typically multiple purchase decision makers and influencers. B2B products are typically more complex. The B2B sales cycle is often longer. B2B website visitors are more likely on fact gathering missions seeking information, solutions to problems, and making competitive comparisons, often long before you even know they’re a prospect.

Your site’s content should be written with a complete understanding of B2B prospects, their issues, interests, and concerns, their roles in the decision-making process, and stages in the buying cycle—and optimized for their likely actions and search terms used as they search for solutions. At Proteus SEO, we develop short- and long-term strategies to help you improve your visibility and prominence in the organic search engine results. We help our clients get found early in the buying cycle and many times throughout the cycle.

We do it, as you might expect, for your website. But a good SEO strategy goes much deeper. At Proteus SEO, we help develop comprehensive SEO strategies to influence and enhance your online presence in whatever form, with optimization of all relevant B2B online content, including, e-newsletters, news releases, blogs, social media content, white papers, and much more.   

Below are some of the ways clients work with us regarding B2B search engine optimization:

SEO Site Audit

Illustration of person conducting a B2B SEO site auditThe B2B SEO Site Audit evaluates your existing website for constraints to indexing and optimization, analyzing approximately 90 positive and negative factors that potentially affect optimization.more »

B2B SEO Copywriting

Illustration of writing B2B copy for search engine optimizationWriting good B2B copy for both prospects and search engines is a daunting task for most. Because of our rich history in dealing with the complexities of B2B marketing and copywriting, and because of our expertise in B2B SEO, we do it better than almost anybody. And we go beyond copywriting to specify all off- and on-page optimization instructions.more »

Keyword Research and Site Architecture

image of a person engaged in the building of proper site architecture for B2B SEOKeyword research and site architecture is critical to B2B SEO. Because there is no agreed upon lexicon in many B2B industries, there is an incredible diversity of keywords for which a B2B site must be optimized. Identifying the right keywords and designing site architecture to accommodate the keyword strategy is one of the most important things you need to do in optimizing a B2B site.more »

Optimized Site Build

Illustration of person engaged in building an optimized B2B websiteGenerally, our role is to specify what needs to be done to optimize the site, and convey that to both our client and those responsible for maintaining the site. Most of the time, our clients have existing relationships with people and firms that can build or maintain a website. If you don’t have those resources in place, we can also build the site, ensuring it’s built in a way that optimizes it for search engine and site visitors.more »

B2B SEO Coaching and Consulting

We generally maintain ongoing, retainer-based relationships with our B2B SEO clients. Because the world of search is always changing, and because sites continue to evolve to meet the needs of the business, we stay involved to monitor analytics, identify and respond to trends, and as a counselor to help our clients make good decisions that continue to maximize online visibility.

We’re also available to new clients who need coaching and consulting regarding how to further optimize their site or handle circumstances that may affect the optimization of their sites.more »

B2B Marketing Resources

Image of Proteus B2B’s B2B Email Marketing Best Practices eBook, with more than 130 email marketing strategies for B2B marketers
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Proteus SEO specializes in B2B SEO, search engine optimization for B2B websites. Only B2B. Only SEO.

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Proteus B2B is a marketing consulting firm specializing in repositioning business-to-business companies and their brands. We help companies identify and migrate to positions of market leadership where their brands have few credible substitutes in the marketplace.