Proteus B2B is a marketing consulting firm specializing in repositioning B2B companies and their brands through positioning strategy, content marketing, B2B social media, B2B SEO, and B2B email marketing

B2B Postitioning

Image of B2B consultant as architect and engineer of brand repositioning and message strategies.People are surprised, sometimes even shocked, to learn the perceptions they have about their company’s positioning are not at all how various publics perceive them.

How you are positioned in the marketplace largely determines your success. It determines how many sales opportunities you receive. It determines whether you can breeze through your prospect’s qualifying rounds to the finals, or whether you’ll have to do battle just to get a seat at the table. Your position in the marketplace also determines the prices you can charge and the margins you realize.

If nearly every sale of yours seems to come down to price, if you’re closing fewer sales than you used to, if your margins keep shrinking, you may need to reposition your company in the marketplace, in the minds of both your prospects and your people.

At Proteus B2B, we help reposition B2B companies and their brands. We help clients:

  • Assess current positioning
  • Develop the strategy to reposition the company
  • Develop appropriate message strategies to drive positioning

Our proprietary communications audit provides a candid, unbiased analysis of your company’s positioning in the marketplace and how you’re perceived vis-à-vis competitors. With a clear understanding of current positioning, we help B2B clients develop positioning and message strategies to differentiate their brands and migrate to positions of market leadership, where there are few credible substitutes in the marketplace.

Our positioning services include:

Communications Audit

Image of auditor examining communications audit analysis.The Communications Audit is a holistic, integrated snapshot of your company’s position in and the market. We assess and analyze current perceptions and how your communications systems and practices impact your positioning. At completion of your Communications Audit, you will have a clear insight and the information necessary to make strategic decisions to differentiate and position your company for market leadership. more »

Postitioning Strategy

We help B2B businesses in highly competitive industries differentiate and reposition their companies, products, services and brands. With a focused repositioning strategy, we help clients move from commoditization and parity and evolve to leadership positioning—as the credible, authoritative, trusted leader in their market niche. more »

Message Strategy

Image of client determining points of differentiation in go-to-market message strategy.Sometimes your desired positioning is right, but you’re just aren’t doing a good job of making that positioning come to life in the marketplace. Your formal and informal messages make you almost indistinguishable from your competitors. We help clients develop effective go-to-market message strategies that drive positioning and help position clients as one of few credible substitutes in the marketplace. more »

B2B Marketing Resources

Image of Proteus B2Bs B2B Email Marketing Best Practices eBook, with more than 130 email marketing strategies for B2B marketers
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Proteus SEO specializes in B2B SEO, search engine optimization for B2B websites. Only B2B. Only SEO.

About Proteus B2B Marketing

Proteus B2B is a marketing consulting firm specializing in repositioning business-to-business companies and their brands. We help companies identify and migrate to positions of market leadership where their brands have few credible substitutes in the marketplace.