Keyword Research & Site Architecture

The Key to Unlocking More Leads

More often than not, we find that the words and industry lexicon clients use to reference and market B2B products, services, and solutions are a small subset of the keywords searchers actually use to search for them.

Proper Keyword Research

Proper keyword research is vital to maximizing online visibility. Getting keyword research correct from the beginning is crucial. It drives site architecture. One of the mistakes B2B marketers continue to make with organic search is inadequate site architecture—the fact that many B2B sites don’t have sufficient content (pages) to respond to desired search terms. The solution, however, isn’t simply adding more content. Proper site architecture is also critical.

The typical scope or work for a Keyword Research and Site Architecture engagement includes:

  • Developing understanding of B2B prospect profiles and the nature of the B2B buying cycle
  • Reviewing client’s list of desired keywords
  • Reviewing existing site and those of stated B2B competitors
  • Using multiple sources to research popular keywords and keyword variants actually used by searchers
  • Identifying lower volume, high-conversion keywords
  • Identifying important words in the search tail of keywords
  • Identifying with the client the keywords for which the site should be optimized
  • Designing the appropriate site architecture to support the keyword strategy
  • (Optional) Creating design composites that reflect the proposed site architecture

The investment for the B2B Keyword Research and Site Architecture varies. Individual scopes of work and investment estimates are provided prior to keyword research and architecture engagements.

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