2010 List of Top B2B Blogs

The big list of top B2B marketing and sales blogsTop B2B Marketing and Sales Blogs

Updated: November 2010
Number of Blogs: 354

Thanks to all the B2B marketing and sales experts who continually blog, sharing your insights and adding to the collective knowledge or the broader B2B community.

Since we posted our original list of top B2B blogs, we’ve continued to update it periodically. Now, we’ve completed a comprehensive revision to the list.

Fresh. One criterion for making the list was having posts in the last 90 days at the time we reviewed the blogs. We’ve culled the list of those B2B blogs that have become inactive. Unfortunately, there were more than 60 of them, including blogs by some well-known B2B marketers. We’ll miss you! If you were previously on the list, let us know if you start blogging again.

New. We’ve researched and reviewed hundreds of potential B2B blogs and included more than 150 new blogs from B2B experts on the consultant, agency, and corporate sides.

Links to Twitter Profiles! We’ve included links to the Twitter profiles of the blogs’ primary authors. A lot of great B2B marketing experts to follow. Be sure to check them out! You can click the individual links below or in follow the list in Twitter via the list of B2B bloggers.

Individual RSS Feeds. Now you can click on the individual feed of a B2B blog you’re currently not following. At first we weren’t going to include this because we thought you could easily get the feed when visiting the blog. We found that wasn’t true. Close to ten percent of the blogs had issues with their feeds or had the wrong links listed for their feeds.

Categories. We’ve reviewed each B2B blog and categorized it based on its content so you can do a quick scan for what interests you most.

Sort it. Now you can search for B2B marketing and sales blogs on the list by sorting the list. Click on the headings of the table below to sort the list however you like.

Import It. The full list of feeds B2B Marketing and Sales Blogs is available for you to import into your RSS reader. We’ve made an opml file of all the blogs on the list. Simply right-click (Mac: control+click) on the preceding link, save the file, and import it into your RSS reader.

Criteria. Here are the general criteria that were used to evaluate blogs for inclusion on the The List of Top B2B Blogs.

  • Blog is at least 3 months old and has at least 10 posts
  • Must have at least one post in the last 90 days
  • Authors of posts are disclosed
  • More than half of the blog’s content is focused on B2B or highly relevant to B2B marketing or sales
  • Majority of posts are original content. Blogs that primarily point to others’ content without regularly adding meaningful insights and perspectives are not included.
  • Posts are not primarily self-promotional. Blogs with primarily self-promotional content are not included.

Grab a Badge

Badges. If your B2B blog is on the list, feel free to grab a badge and display it on your site. Please help us promote everyone who graciously contributes to the B2B community.

Getting on the List. How do blogs get on the list? We periodically do searches for great B2B marketing and sales blogs that meet the criteria above and meaningful standards of writing quality, usability, design, and posting frequency. When another blog links to the list of top B2B blogs, we get notified and check it out for potential inclusion; that’s probably the best way to get our attention. We know we’ve probably missed some great B2B blogs out there. If you’re a B2B blogger and your blog meets the criteria above, let us know if you want your blog to be reviewed and considered for the List of Top B2B Blogs.

Did we get anything wrong? Of course we did! While we try our best, we know we’ve misspelled something, got the wrong name of the blog, forgot to include a primary author, or something else. If your blog is one of the top B2B blogs on the list and we got something wrong or missed anything, let us know by using this correction/update form.

Thanks! Again, thank you to all those B2B bloggers who continue to contribute to this community. Hope you find the list helpful. For now, grab a cup of coffee and sit back. You might be here for a while!

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67 thoughts on “2010 List of Top B2B Blogs”

  1. On behalf of the Savvy Sisters at the Savvy B2B Marketing blog, we’re proud to be included in your list of top blogs. We are so grateful to our peers for their support of our site & really enjoy being part of such a great B2B blogger community.


    1. Sweet! But who’s NUMBER ONE? Being type A, I can’t stand not knowing. JK. Mostly.

      1. Hi, Rebekah. Wow. Rating and ranking would be another huge initiative. Perhaps soon. So much work goes into researching, evaluating, and compiling the blogs on the list, we thought we should get the list out there first. I was surprised to see how many new additions there were with this update. So many smart people to learn from!

    2. Thanks, Jamie. You and the rest of the Savvy Sisters do a fantastic job of consistently creating valuable, relevant content for the B2B marketing community. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

  2. Anol says:

    Thanks for including B2Bento.com in your list.

    1. Our pleasure. Thanks for what you contribute via your blog, Twitter, and through helping moderate B2BChat!

  3. Jeff Ogden says:

    As the Fearless Competitor, we’re are honored to be on this list with such greats at the Savvy Sisters and LeadSloth. We also really appreciate how you shared Twitter IDs and RSS feeds. Thanks for promoting the B2B community.

    Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor
    Find New Customers “Lead Generation Made Simple”

    1. Hi, Jeff. Thanks for stopping by, leaving a comment, and promoting the list on Twitter.

      We really liked the idea of including links to authors’ Twitter profiles. But it turned out to be much more work than it should have been. In many cases, in some cases we had to search fairly hard for the authors on Twitter; a surprising number of blogs don’t have links to the Twitter profiles of authors. We had to review each of these profiles to determine which profiles to include. Because many people had multiple twitter profiles, we had to discern which profiles tweeted about B2B and which ones were personal and should not be linked to. Finding those profiles and deciding which ones was challenging, but I’m really happy to be able to include them. I know the Twitter links are a benefit for people reviewing the list, but it really opened my eyes to just how many other great contributors are out there who I hadn’t seen before.

      Same was true for the RSS feeds. It was surprising how may people had issues with their feeds. Many didn’t work or had links to old feed addresses. Some had multiple links to the “feed”, but they all pointed to multiple feed addresses, and finding the right one took a few minutes. We called or emailed many authors whose feeds weren’t working right so we could include the feed.

      Thanks, Jeff, for all you do via your blog and Twitter to promote great content for the community. Keep it coming!

  4. Tony Karrer says:

    Thanks for including us. Good to see so many folks from the B2B Marketing Zone in this list. I continue to think that we should somehow combine efforts on this.

    Until then, if you are on the list and want to participate in the B2B Marketing Zone, please let me (or Tom Pick) know.

    1. Thanks, Tony. I really appreciate what you and Tom have done in setting up and managing B2B Marketing Zone. It’s a really good way to keep up on B2B content from some of the best contributors in the community. I’ll get in touch with you and Tom offline to talk about how we can work together.

    2. Liz McInnis says:

      Thanks Tony. The About Leads team would love to get involved with B2B Marketing Zone. Please let me know how to get in touch with you or Tom offline to discuss.

  5. Chris Wilson says:

    Thanks for the inclusion, from all here at Earnest!

    Great work on promoting the industry and the best in B2B thinking.


  6. Galen: Thank you for including MLT Creative B2B Ideas @ Work blog once again. It’s amazing to see how the list has grown over the years. Appreciate you being the keeper of these vital connections to our online community.


    1. Hi, Martine. Thanks for your kind words, stopping by, and leaving a comment. Always glad to include MLT creative’s blog; it’s an easy inclusion. Your firm has contributed some great content to the B2B marketing community, and over the last year or so stepped up those contributions even more. Thanks so much to you and everyone on your team for doing so!

  7. Tom Pick says:

    Hi Galen, thanks very much for the honor of being included on this outstanding list of resources. Checking out the names I’m not familiar with will keep me busy for a while. Beyond that, ditto what Tony Karrer says above.

    1. Hi, Tom. Thanks for the kind words and the comment. Between Webbiquity, B2B Marketing Zone, and Twitter, you’ve been a huge contributor to making the B2B community smarter and more connected. Thank you! Re B2B Marketing Zone, as I mentioned above, I’ll be in touch offline to talk how we can work together. Keep up the great work! All the best, -Galen.

  8. Thanks for including RainToday’s RainMaker Blog on your list. What a terrific resource you’ve put together. Many familiar sites, but lots of great new ones… I’m off to explore!

    1. Hi, Mary. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’ve been on the RainToday email list for years, but it hasn’t been until recently that I discovered the RainMaker Blog. Great stuff! Thanks for all you do to contribute to and promote the B2B community. – Galen

  9. Rob Leavitt says:

    Hey Galen,

    Thanks much for including my blog — although now you’re pulled me into reading even more great content from your fantastic list. Oh well, I’m sure I can afford another hour of procrastination!

    1. Hi, Rob. So true. You can probably procrastinate for a week or more. Wouldn’t be hard with all the great content members on the list are contributing to the community. Thanks for what you contribute as well, both in your blog and via twitter. Always good stuff.

  10. Jim says:

    I must need glasses! The eMail Guide isn’t on the list? Please tell me it’s just my cataracts! 😉


    1. Hi, Jim. I have no doubt we’ve missed many great B2B blogs, including some well known ones we simply overlooked. Feel free to submit your blog for consideration using the link in the post above. We’ll be going through those submissions on a regular basis.

  11. I take my blogs omission as a challenge! http://www.dontaskdontsell.com was written for B2B marketers who produce or attend events as a means to generate demand. Disappointed for not be included but appreciative the list.

    1. Hi, Victor. Thanks for your comment. Despite the fact that we spend considerable time researching potential blogs…combing through accumulated Google Alerts we have set up for this purpose; clicking through the profile links of B2B people on Twitter to see if the person has a relevant blog; following links in posts and tweets; evaluating dozens of various blog lists created by others; clicking through all the potentially relevant links in the blogrolls of blogs we ran across; reviewing all of the requests for inclusion we had received; using search engines to find more B2B blogs…I have no doubt we’ve missed many great B2B blogs. Feel free to submit your blog for consideration using the link in the post above. We’ll be going through those submissions on a regular basis.

  12. Thank you very much for including Industrial Marketing Today blog in your list. I am honored and humbled.

  13. Paul Castain says:

    What an awesome list!

    Thanks for taking the time to compile it!

    Paul Castain

  14. Jeremy says:


    I’ve always valued the inclusion of B2Bbloggers.com on this list, but is greatest value is the introduction of the many other wonderful blogs.

    Great effort keeping this list updated.


    1. Hi, Jeremy. I think you’re exactly right. After a while it’s easy to get complacent, not continuing to expand the search for new people to follow. For me, doing a major update to the list again showed me how many other smart people with great content are out there. Always more to learn. Thanks for the comment. And thanks for the great work you continue to do at B2B Bloggers and for helping moderate B2BChat.

  15. Jeremy Sacco says:

    Yet another thank you — we at BuyerZone are thrilled to be a part of such a great list. Now where are the other 10 hours in the day so I can read all of these other blogs?

  16. Great Resource, I am enjoying having all these blogs listed in one place. We have put together some b2b cold calling tips: http://www.rhinotelemarketing.com/cold-calling-tips

  17. Jay Baer says:

    Thanks so much for including Convince & Convert on your list. I really appreciate the amount of labor that went into this compilation. Nice job!

    1. Thanks, Jay! Really great to have you on the list. I know Convince & Convert isn’t specifically focused on B2B, but SO much of what you contribute is relevant, spot-on advice for B2B marketers. Don’t know how you do it. Great stuff. Always.

      Really appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. – Galen

  18. Thanks very much for including inmedialog on your list. We strive to provide useful and interesting content on tech marketing in the blogosphere; glad to hear that you think we’re doing just that. I look forward to checking out some of our listmates’ websites with which I’m not already familiar.

  19. seamus walsh says:

    Galen, thanks for my inclusion on this list and for compiling the clearing house of go-to subject matter experts on the topic.

    1. Hi, Seamus. Thanks for the kind words. Always appreciate and look forward to your contributions to the community as well.

  20. Chris Rand says:

    I’ll join Victor (above) in seeing my blog’s omission as a challenge! Online Marketing: An Article A Day has well over 500 posts now, and over 1000 subscribers by email alone, so we must be doing something right. I won’t lose heart.


  21. GenSourc says:

    Great work! Lot’s of valuable resources to follow!

  22. Thanks the props for Funnel Focus!

  23. Chris Snell says:


    Thanks for adding The CRAP Report to this list. Who needs 200+ TV channels when you’ve got 340+ great outlets to choose from here?!

    Thanks again!

  24. Dianna Huff says:

    Coming late to the party . . . thank you for including me on your list.

  25. Hi I am Liza Nelson, I thank you for this great list as you have listed almost all of the top b2b marketing blogs and also according to category, Author Link to twitter and even feed link which is really worth of lot and saved my valuable time to search for these great b2b marketing sources @ one place….

  26. Thank you for including my blog, Customer Satisfaction and Reputation Management in this awesome list.

    Lots of outstanding blogs listed here. I am honored to be part of this list.


  27. Michael Levy says:

    Please add B2BSalesLounge into the mix.

  28. Thank you for all of the great resources you have assembled. Hopefully folks in the B2B community can benefit from our content as well! Would be an honor!
    Thanks again!
    Michael LoPreste
    Principle/CMO GenSourc

  29. Great,

    I was looking for a list where some content is being published which is useful for my customers, thanks!

    Tricycle Telemarketing

  30. LingZ says:

    Thanks for such a great info. I find it really helpful post. Try to checkout, about update all social networks it is a site where you can find the simplest and effective way to get your message out to your customers. It is the easiest way to communicate to your customers.

    Great post. I will look forward for blog updates. Thanks.

  31. Johnmilton says:

    Taking my company’s side, I wish to say that, very soon the blog from Ochre Media Pvt Ltd will be among the above list.
    Ochre Media Pvt Ltd is an integrated Business to Business service provider for global industries falling into 12 verticals.
    I wish people visit the company’s website at http://www.sites.ochre-media.com for more information on Ochre Media Pvt Ltd.

    John Milton
    Ochre Media Pvt Ltd-Where Knowledge talks Business

  32. David Hudson says:

    this is an awesome list, thanks for compiling it and sharing with us 🙂

  33. Hey this is an amazing list of blogs for B2B marketing, thanks for sharing this list and the blog is really very interesting… B2B Marketing

  34. Hi!!!!

    Awesome post. Great list of b2b portal blogs.


  35. David Taylor says:

    Thanks for this list. I’m searching daily for the best b2b sales blogs for my site users. This will help a lot.

  36. I was just trying to find b2b blogs on some search engines and i have spent a lot of hours now i got this post, thanks for saving my time.

  37. your list is best this is very easy to find anything.

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